About Us

Welcome to Nola

Who Are We

Nola is a small boutique Growth Agency located in the small and pittoresque town of Egem in Flanders, Belgium. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: grow the business of our clients in a sustainable way, without burning through cash. 

What We Do

We grow businesses, and apply a data-driven approach that assists us through experimentation and learnings while we grow. 

Our history

The foundations of Nola Digital lie inside Instagram marketing, and have been an important part of our own trajectory since early 2017. After co-authoring a book about Instagram marketing (which sold thousands of copies), we felt that focusing your efforts on a single platform to promote your business left a lot of potential on the table. So we decided to broaden our own knowledge and expand and differentiate across more markets, technologies and platforms. 

Our 3-step process



To set a solid base, we first collect all relevant data about your organization and set up dashboards to discover quick-wins, low hanging fruit and hidden opportunities.



With the data in hand, we use our bespoke Growth Model to identify the best growth strategy, aligned with your business, goals (North Star Metric) and values.



We help you execute the growth strategy, facilitate learning and optimisation along the way and provide you with key insights (and growth). 

Why choose us?

We don’t just do the best work we potentially can, we also care about your and our relationship in working together. 
That’s why we regularly check-in with our clients to talk about the relationship and experience in working with us. 

Growth hacking (or growth marketing) is all about getting results. No matter what. We align with your North Star Metric (which is the most important KPI for your business) and work to get that number improved. We don’t just do something because we can, we do so to move the needle!

In the end, it’s all about the return on investment. That’s why we always look for the strategies that bring the best ROI for your business. 

We have been growing businesses for years, and eventhough we don’t know everything (yet 😉 ), we’re good at what we do! 

Would you like to grow with us?

Let us help you change the trajectory of your business and become more succesful.

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